Compare tests from different formats

Drowning in formats
Inability to compare different test formats might introduce quality issues and complicate debug flow

Introducing TestDiff
Compare test vectors of different formats at waveform level for improved quality and debug flow, tracking down the root cause of any difference

Key benefits
• Shorten and simplify debug flow by easily tracking down the root cause of any difference
• Improve quality and reduce customer returns by eliminating test-pattern mismatches
• Enable fine-grained inspection when tests fail on ATE, even without ATE knowhow
• Have the flexibility of using multiple ATEs, ensuring tests of different systems are identical

Key features
• Compare patterns of various conversion types: ATE to ATE, EDA to ATE, and EDA to EDA
• Supported EDA formats:VCD, eVCD, WGL, STIL
• Supported ATE formats: V93K, Teradyne IG-XL J750, Flex, UltraFlex, T2000, ETS800
• Can be customized to compare only certain sections or signals

Waver GUI output
Conveniently pinpoints all differences at waveform level

Detailed textual report
Provides a clear and intuitive 
cycle-based comparison

Innovation for accurate conversions – TestInsight raises the level of testing to meet that of the design, resulting in a highly accurate and efficient process and outcome. Enhanced features and direct-to-binary pattern creation save valuable time and reduce the risk of costly errors.
Proven performance – TestInsight has successfully delivered a tenfold performance increase over alternative solutions.
Commitment to excellence – A trusted partner of major ATE vendors and semiconductor companies, TDL is backed by TestInsight’s renowned customer support.