Device-Aware ATE-Independent Test Development

SoC Testing - A Tough Nut to Crack

A Challenge of SoC Testing

Each production test has a specific device setup, which could differ in just a few register bits from another setup. This is how we end up with thousands of setups leading to thousands of patterns.

Drowning in Device Setup Patterns

How to maintain thousands of patterns without harming cost, quality, and time to market?

Introducing Patgen

Simplifying DUT Setup Maintenance

PatGen reads the device setup database producing optimized test patterns at runtime with no need to simulate and translate them.

Superior Test Program
Thanks to a Single Source of Truth

Using a Shared Database
A database shared among design, test, and SV enables faster development using fewer resources, producing a higher-quality ATE-independent test program.

Key Benefits
• Lower test cost–PatGen shortens costly ATE time by up to 40%
• Faster to market – PatGen saves time-consuming pattern simulation and translation
• Higher quality – PatGen prevents error-prone duplicated work

Innovation for accurate conversions – TestInsight raises the level of testing to meet that of the design, resulting in a highly accurate and efficient process and outcome. Enhanced features and direct-to-binary pattern creation save valuable time and reduce the risk of costly errors.
Proven performance–TestInsight’s TDL has successfully delivered a tenfold performance increase over alternative solutions.
Commitment to excellence – A trusted partner of major ATE vendors and semi conductor companies, TDL is backed by TestInsight’s renowned customer support.