TestInsight's Virtual Tester (VT) Closing the Gap Between Design & Test

ATE Test Dev - The Bumpy Road from the Lab to the FAB

Design engineers are a world apart from test engineers, and this open loop makes test issues snowball into customer returns, longer TTM, higher cost, and lower yield. Also, ATE failures that are hard to debug often lead to a time-consuming blamestorming, wasting valuable resources.

Why Wait for Silicon to Find Out?

Are those ATE failures caused by design test issues, pattern conversion issues, or manufacturing issues? While common testing methods often have to wait for tapeout, our new paradigm can answer such questions even before first silicon, shortening time to market.

A Tool That Functions Just Like a Real ATE

Such a tool lets designers validate their test programs even witout ATE knowhow. It allows pre-silicon debug and closes the gap between design and test long before silicon is available.

Earlier Failure Detection
Thanks to a Closed-Loop Paradigm

Virtual Tester Creates a Pre-Validated ATE-Aware Test Bench

VT converts test program files into an ATE-aware Verilog model that emulates how ATE drives the DUT. This allows pre-silicon testing on EDA tools with same results as post-silicon ATE, making production shorter and more predictable. VT ensures that tests are ATE-compatible, identifies pattern conversion issues, and allows focusing only on Silicon upon ATE failures.

Innovation for accurate conversions – TestInsight raises the level of testing to meet that of the design, resulting in a highly accurate and efficient process and outcome. Enhanced features and direct-to-binary pattern creation save valuable time and reduce the risk of costly errors.
Proven performance – TestInsight has successfully delivered a tenfold performance increase over alternative solutions.
Commitment to excellence – A trusted partner of major ATE vendors and semiconductor companies, TDL is backed by TestInsight’s renowned customer support.