Tester Data Link (TDL)

High-performance conversion of design vectors into ATE programs

Lost in conversion?
Inaccurate design-to-test conversion could cause quality issues, lower yield, and long debug of ATE failures

Closing the open loop
TDL converts test patterns into ATE format using ATEGen and VCD2STIL. ATE patterns can be easily validated long before first silicon by reading them back into Virtual Tester and creating an ATE-aware Verilog model

Introducing ATEGen and VCD2STIL
VCD2STIL converts event-driven simulation into cycle-based STIL format and ATEGen reformats WGL/STIL for any ATE

Key benefits
• Shorter time to market with the fastest conversion tool and with greater ATE efficiency
• Up to 200X acceleration performing only a single pass even for multiple clock domains
• Shorter debug and higher yield with an ATE-aware test bench validated prior to tapeout
• Superior cyclization thanks to a unique method of clock-based matching
• Faster debug and intuitive environment with a fully-featured GUI

Key features – ATEGen
• Supports IEEE 1450.0, 1450.1, and 1450.2 STIL standard and extensions
• Supports spec-based timing, DC levels, and channel allocation
• Supports very large files (> 24GB)

Key features – VCD2STIL
• Offers three cyclization methods: brute force (sampling), waveform matching (analysis), and clock-based matching
• Cleans e/VCD waveforms before timing extraction and cyclization, removes glitches, aligns user-specified edges, and allows conditional assignment of signal values

Fully-featured GUI
Easily view and analyze ATPG and ATE patterns at both waveform level and source code one

Innovation for accurate conversions – TestInsight raises the level of testing to meet that of the design, resulting in a highly accurate and efficient process and outcome. Enhanced features and direct-to-binary pattern creation save valuable time and reduce the risk of costly errors.
Proven performance – TestInsight has successfully delivered a tenfold performance increase over alternative solutions.
Commitment to excellence – A trusted partner of major ATE vendors and semiconductor companies, TDL is backed by TestInsight’s renowned customer support.