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Feedbacks From Our Customers

The Test Insight tools gave us – the Production/Test team as well as VLSI the ability to be more prepared, gave us the option to feedback the EVCD patterns through our chip RTL simulation and correct logic/timing/tester resources errors in the pre-silicon stage and gave us the ability to generate STIL and tester platform patterns smoothly.

It saved us a lot of tester time and human resources and the most important thing – the support was great, close and sometimes even on the fly.

Ohad Balkirsh, PrimeSense

I am very pleased with Wave Wizard pattern converting tool. It helped me better understand the vcd & other design output files, By this understanding I can modify the test cases to generate the ATPG patterns that can be easily translated in to tester format without design teams help using the Wave Wizard. I haven’t used all the tools like test program generation or create a test bench from the converted pattern for verification but these looks very powerful tools. 

Saif Khan, Zarlink


My division has worked closely with TestInsight to develop a specific tool to check integrity of our test programs used in our production sites and also to track modifications made in our test programs. The outline of the tool was drawn up together based on some existing bricks available in TestInsight, and then after some alpha-site testing and evolutions, we now have the tool we require. TestInsight were very open to suggestions for modifications and we are satisfied with the result and the performance of the tool.

John Swales, STMicroelectronics.