Test Program Comparator (TPC)

Content based revision compare of Test Programs


TP-C is part of the new test program life cycle solutions from TestInsight

Address concerns such as -

  • Why does my test program yield differently in two sites ?
  • Is it really the same program ?
  • What is different in a given test program revision ?
  • What has changed from last release?
  • Were changes recorded in release?
  • Are these the only changes ?

TP-C capabilities:

  • Detect and understand differences between test program revisions.
  • TP-C “understands” the program and carries out “intelligent” comparison.
  • Document intentional changes and highlight un-intentional ones.
  • Monitor active test program content
  • Make sure that the test program in use (at different sites) matches the reference test program
  • Review and document test program revisions
  • Provide test engineers means to review release changes.

TP-C operation only requires a pointer to each revision flow file