Test program Management & control

Test Program Lifecycle solutions Technology

  • Test Program management and control solutions go beyond the traditional task of creating the initial test program.
  • Customers tell us that maintaining the test program is more expensive than creating it. The pioneering line of solutions from TestInsight is aimed to address such challenges related to production test life cycle.
    • Callenges related to the growing number of concurrent projects.
    • Challenges related to updating the test program throughout the device life cycle keeping the test program compact and clean of “garbage”.
    • The need to control releases of new test program revisions, clearly documenting and monitoring changes between such revisions.
    • Allowing multiple groups of engineers to effectively share tester resources within the same test program.
    • Allowing better visibility for managers into test program content and test plan implementation.
  • Some of those challenges are already addressed with TestInsight solutions.
  • Those solutions utilize TestInsight unique capability to read and analyze the whole test program from flow to vector binaries. Such unique capability is the result of special relationship with ATE companies as well as years of R&D in test engineering software solutions.