Design2Test Conversion

Tester Data Link (VCD2STIL + ATEGen)  : 

Combine powerful, sophisticated tools with ease of use

Full GUI support

Proven fastest conversion tool in the market

Cleans e/VCD waveforms before timing extraction and cyclization

Handling data with multiple clocks

Aligns edges as specified by user

Clock based sampling and cyclization

 Conditional value assignment of signal values based  on other signals

Virtual Test

Pre-Silicon Debug

VT simulates the ATE <-> DUT interaction using a simulation test bench created directly from the ATE Test program


The VT test bench compares DUT respond to ATE vector data and high lights mismatches 

Revealing Design/Test issues before first Si and shortening test program debug cycle and time to production  

Test Program Manager

A suite of tools that helps test development engineers 

Create & Maintain both Test Plans and Test Programs by automating

tasks that are tedious and error prone, thus :

Shortens development time

Shortens debug time

Improves Test Program Quality

Improves Test Program Management Visibility 

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